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Obituary for Paul Douglas Brown

Paul Douglas Brown, born
June 8, 1944, passed away at
home on July 15, 2022, after a
long battle with cancer.
Lorraine (Bisson) Brown, his
beloved wife of 33 years, was
by his side. His children,
Tammy Lynne (Michael Rose),
Tammy-Lorraine (Geoff van
Zandwijk), Ryan Cvirik (Debbie
Kirkland) will miss him sorely,
as will his grandchildren Justin
and Nathan Rose, Emily
Summers Brown, Shasta,
Azalie, and Ezra van Zandwijk.
Paul was predeceased by his
beloved daughter, Angela Rose
Brown (1974-2022), they are
together now in Glory.
Paul spent most of his life in
rural Niagara Peninsula where
he was born and raised. He
was one of four brothers born
to Rose and Eric Brown. He
attended Pelham High School
where he enjoyed playing
football. He took an
apprenticeship at Fleet
Industries in Fort Erie where he
worked for many years and
acquired his licensing to
become a registered machinist.
He made many friends there
and enjoyed the comradery of
his peers. His favorite role was
that of a Machinist Lead Hand,
as he enjoyed mentoring
He was an avid outdoorsman
who enjoyed hunting and
target shooting. Paul was a
member of the Fort Erie
Revolver & Gun Club and the
Welland Rifle Club, where he
won numerous trophies for
target competitions. He was
most proud of his bronze
medallion for the
"Sharpshooter C.F. Postals"
awarded by the Shooting
Federal of Canada in 1971.
His love of nature and
exploring included underwater
exploration when he became
both a PADI and NAUI certified
scuba diver. The Niagara River,
Lake Erie, and former quarries
were explored often. He was a
member of the Fort Erie
Underwater Recovery Unit, and
a founding member of The Fort
Erie Scuba Club, which
organized many group
activities, including The Great
Niagara River Race, where
clubs entered floats to race
down the Niagara River. In later
years his love of nature and
conservation was expressed
through involvement on the
board of the Niagara Woodlot
Association and later, Landcare
Somehow, he also found time
for woodworking, photography,
bee keeping, and gardening.
The bounty of his garden was
shared; visitors rarely left
empty handed. His
"MacGyver" skills were
unparalleled. He could fix,
tweak, or reinvent anything.
Paul was always into one
project or another, and he
taught his children and
grandchildren that they could
do anything they put their
minds to.
Paul was a long-time member
of Calvary Gospel Church
Welland, where he was
involved in Tree Climbers, the
AWANA bus ministry, and
especially Rainbow Bible
Camp. He later became a
member of St. Ann's
Community Church.
Paul was a devout Christian,
and marveled at the intricacies
of creation, from the minutest
cell to the farthest galaxies.
His faith expressed itself in
caring for others. There was
nothing he wouldn't do for
someone who was hurting or
in need. He showed God's
love simply, with no strings
attached. He was friendly with
Family meant everything to
Paul. He was happiest with his
beloved wife, Lorraine, by his
side. His children grew up
knowing his love for them was
forever and unconditional. His
grandchildren were his
treasures. He always had time
to delight them with a tractor
ride, or with his endless
Paul's life was an example of
love in action. He was kind,
generous, and had great
compassion for both people
and animals. The lives of many
were touched by him and he
will be greatly missed.
His family wishes to thank all
of those who loved and cared
for him during his illness. A
celebration of his life will be
taking place on Saturday, July
30, at 2 p.m. at Silverdale
Community Centre, 4610
Sixteen Rd. in St. Ann's, off of
Hwy. 20, near his beloved